Holistic Wellness Center in Pittsburgh

Glass Gone Wow is Pittsburgh’s premier wellness center location for CBD Oils and hemp wellness products and exotic herbs, such as Kratom, Kava, Blue Lotus, Damiana, rare Ginsengs powders and/or capsule. Glass Gone Wow’s Alternative Wellness Center has created our own proprietary blend of dry herbs and e-juices for vaporizing. These blends are intended to relieve pain or sharpen your mind, help pick you up or calm you down, with an alternative botanical approach allowing you to reap tremendous health benefits by aligning ourselves with nature’s own medicine cabinet.

CBD Hemp products are powerful allies of mankind, which aid us from some of the most serious serious health issues. Some of the health issues that CBD and hemp products may alleviate include seizures, inflammation, and anxiety to name a few. Science also backs the benefits of using CBD products to better the immune system.