Holistic Wellness: The Top Medical Benefits of Cannabidiol Oil (CBD)

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Recently, the media has put cannabidiol in a negative light. However, the truth is that cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has a variety of holistic wellness and health benefits. CBD is the second active ingredient in marijuana, but it doesn’t produce a psychoactive high. Instead, its properties help treat a variety of health issues.

What is Cannabidiol Hemp Oil?

CBD oil is not a substance that is used to get high. It’s believed to counteract the effects of THC—the ingredient that is responsible for the “high” that marijuana is known for. CBD oil is actually a supplement that can be consumed by children and adults in their daily diet. It’s full of nutrients and not used for recreational purposes.

Cannabidiol hemp oil is not a miracle cure for disease, but it can certainly bring relief for neurological disorders and even cancer. If you’re looking for a holistic wellness option in Pittsburgh to help treat specific health issues, CBD oil might be right for you.

How Does Cannabidiol Oil Benefit Your Health?
CBD oil helps treat a surprising variety of health issues. The following is a list of the top medical benefits of cannabidiol hemp oil:

• CBD is a natural painkiller. Some doctors are even considering this hemp oil as a mild to moderately strong analgesic, which is beneficial to people who are having pain related to cancer and arthritis. It can also help treat chronic pain that’s related to central neuropathic pain. Cannabidiol oil could potentially change the way that chronic pain is managed in the future.
• CBD hemp oil also has major benefits for those suffering from epilepsy. A survey conducted by Stanford revealed that 84% of children with severe epilepsy experienced a reduction in symptoms with CBD.
• Cannabidiol is also believed to be an anti-inflammatory, according to a US government study. This can also serve as a solution to help get acne breakouts under control and help reduce overall inflammation.
• Furthermore, CBD can also help prevent diabetes and can serve as a potential inhibitor of cancer cells.

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